The Airvo 2 is a high flow oxygen ventilation system applied via nasal prongs for patients with moderate to severe respiratory distress. It was purchased for paediatric patients with moderate to severe respiratory distress such as bronchiolitis, pneumonia and asthma.

babyThe Airvo™ is a humidifier, with adjustable flow settings for delivery of the gases. The humidity output of the water chamber is controlled by the temperature of the heater plate. The humidity delivered to the patient is maintained by temperature control of the heater wire inside the heated breathing tube.

It was brought for $3000 approx. with an extra transportable battery applied so it can be transported from the Emergency Department to other departments, without halting the treatment .

Prior to the Foundation purchasing this system, the Emergency Department did not have any other equipment available to assist a paediatric patient with moderate to severe respiratory distress.

The equipment also reduces the patient’s stay in hospital, especially having to be cared for in ICU which cost a lot of money.

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