The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust recently purchased 2 Phillips SureSigns VS4 monitors worth approximately $18,000 for the Hutt Hospital Emergency Department. These monitors are designed to make taking vital signs easy. It measures blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature.


The VS4 monitor is for monitoring, recording, and alarming multiple physiological parameters for adults, children, and infants in healthcare environments. Additionally, the monitor is intended for use in transport situations within a healthcare facility.

It has a touch screen user interface with easy-to-read display with large color-coded figures. It can store up to 800 patient records and has three alarm severity levels [high, medium, low] that determine the monitor’s visual and audio response. The visual alarm indicators include flashing numeric panes, alarm messages, and alarm icons.

The monitors free up medical staff’s time so they can concentrate on their patients.

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