In the eyes of children a hospital can be a very scary place. Sterile beds, cold medical equipment and whirls, rattles and beeps can be overwhelming for children already unsettled by illness. Sick children lying in bed for hours looking at the walls makes for a pretty miserable time.

Tyler Hill enjoying a new TV/DVD

Tyler Hill from Upper Hutt enjoying one of the new TV/DVDs

Distraction Therapy has been used with great success on the Children’s Ward with art, toys and books. Children’s Ward staff armed with bubble machines and a knack for providing exceptional care to their wriggly patients now have additional resources.

The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust has added nine TV/DVD’s worth over $3,000 to the beds in the Children’s Ward. They were donated by Raswinder and Tarmindar Singh who operate the Z Energy petrol stations in the Hutt Valley. The couple asked the Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust to identify initiatives to improve the Children’s Ward after their son was admitted to the hospital as a toddler.

“At Z Energy we are all about giving back to the community. We are overjoyed to bring Minions and Madagascan Penguins to the hospital- a much needed distraction for our kids” says Ras Singh.

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