traction bed

The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust has just purchased 2 pieces of specialized equipment for the Children’s Ward for managing leg injuries.

Orthopedic beds are uniquely designed to reduce the pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders. The frame utilises adjustable pulleys, slings, harnesses, clamps, and other attachments to provide traction for patients. The trapeze is an attachment that is used to assist the patient in movement during activities of daily living. Bathing, linen changes, bedpan use, and repositioning are made easier with the use of the trapeze. The trapeze is grasped firmly with the hands and a “pull-up” movement lifts the upper body and buttocks from the bed.

orthopedic frame

Campbell Sully from Epuni trying out the new bed and orthopedic frame

The frame is attached to a new pediatric bed that is tailored to younger patients from 30 months of age. It is a fully electric bed with lockable functions and battery backup. It has an electric backrest, and an electric knee-break operated from a back-Lit pendant hand control. The low height of 350mm makes entry and exit safer and easier for children. The bed has the added ability to accommodate a parent alongside in equal comfort up to the safe working load of 250kg.

The new traction equipment was possible due to the generosity of Z Energy in the Hutt who donated the orthopedic frame costing over $3,000 and the bed costing $5,300 that was donated by Pub Charity.


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