Babies Breathing Safer Thanks to Z Energy


Babies in the Children’s Ward in Hutt Hospital can now breathe easily and safely with the addition of a new piece of equipment that prevents risk to babies as a result of them receiving air containing high levels of oxygen. The device is called an oxygen blender that is a mixing device that permits you to mix oxygen with compressed air, either from a wall outlet or from a tank. Blenders have input ports for two separate gases, which are usually oxygen and medical air.

This controlled oxygen-air mix can be varied so it is suitable for each individual patient that is so important in babies. The ability to provide mixed air and oxygen in a safe, easy and controlled manner in a critical care environment is becoming increasingly important.

Too much oxygen can cause injury and damage to the lung. Under certain conditions, too much oxygen in the blood may also lead to problems in the brain and eye. Babies with certain heart conditions may also need lower levels of oxygen in the blood.

Raswinder Singh of Z Energy presenting Chairman Steve Nickson with a cheque for $3,000

Raswinder Singh of Z Energy presenting Chairman Steve Nickson with a cheque for $3,000

Z Energy has come to the rescue of the Hutt Hospital Children’s Ward again. Having previously improved conditions for the children by providing new beds, bedside lockers and TV/videos, this equipment will play its part in making their stay a safer one. And just so the parents didn’t feel neglected, Z Energy previously refurbished the parents room with new furniture, paint and a large screen TV.

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