The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust is proud to be working with Isaacs Financial Planning in the early part of 2017 who have chosen to raise funds for an Airvo breathing machine for the Children’s Ward.  

This machine is used to help children with moderate to severe respiratory distress by delivering humidified air or oxygen at high flows in an attempt to reduce their work of breathing. It also reduces the length of stay for these children.

Isaacs Financial Planning is based in Lower Hutt and their advisors have been working within the local community for over 15 years. They specialize in helping families and small businesses with their investment, insurance and retirement planning. If you are planning your retirement and looking to invest, they can help clients new to the process and just getting started, right through to seasoned campaigners with millions to invest. They can also help with implementing an insurance plan to protect your young family or business partners. Feel free to visit to learn more. 

Isaacs Financial Planning believe it is important to share their success and give a little back and that’s why every year they seek out a worthy cause and raise some funds to contribute towards it. It’s their way of trying to make a difference.  

Every time they put in place a life, trauma, income protection or medical insurance plan for a new or existing client, or implement an investment for a new or existing client, they donate the first 2 month’s premium or fee to the Giving Back fund.


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