Its nearly Christmas at the Tree Hutt!! Please support the Tree Hutt this Christmas. You can purchase some Tree Hutt branded products that will be given away as presents to children who are admitted to the Emergency Department over Christmas, or you can purchase Tree Hutt products and give them as gifts to friends or […]

Pip the Kiwi has visited the Hutt Hospital Emergency Department late at night and walked over to the Tree Hutt glass cabinet to admire his products. The only problem is that he left his footprints! For visitors to the waiting area at the Hutt Hospital Emergency Department, his footprints on the floor leading to the cabinet […]

The Special Care Baby Unit at the Hutt Hospital now have Tree Hutt scrub tops for their staff. These Tree Hutt scrubs are the same as the ones in the Emergency Department based on the principle of distraction therapy. Instead of the normal medical uniform, staff can elect to use the ones from the Tree […]