Isaacs Financial Planning chose to raise funds for an Airvo breathing machine for the Hutt Hospital as part of their Giving Back fund. Every time they put in place a life, trauma, income protection or medical insurance plan for a new or existing client, or implement an investment for a new or existing client, they donate the first […]

The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust is proud to be working with Isaacs Financial Planning in the early part of 2017 who have chosen to raise funds for an Airvo breathing machine for the Children’s Ward.   This machine is used to help children with moderate to severe respiratory distress by delivering humidified air or oxygen at […]

The Tree Hutt is the name of the children’s area of the Hutt Hospital Emergency Department that has visual, sensory and auditory distractions to help children as they experience the Emergency Department. The overall theme is New Zealand’s beautiful native bush and wildlife. It has all been designed based on the concept of ‘distraction therapy’. […]

Babies Breathing Safer Thanks to Z Energy   Babies in the Children’s Ward in Hutt Hospital can now breathe easily and safely with the addition of a new piece of equipment that prevents risk to babies as a result of them receiving air containing high levels of oxygen. The device is called an oxygen blender […]