traction bed

The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust has just purchased 2 pieces of specialized equipment for the Children’s Ward for managing leg injuries. Orthopedic beds are uniquely designed to reduce the pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders. The frame utilises adjustable pulleys, slings, harnesses, clamps, and other attachments to provide traction for patients. The trapeze is an attachment […]


Airvo a Life Saver This winter has been extremely busy with high volumes of very sick children presenting to the Hutt Valley Emergency Department for respiratory type illnesses. The emergency department has been very fortunate to have the latest form of treatment in a Fisher and Paykel high flow ‘Airvo’ machine donated by the Hutt […]

The Tree Hutt has just received new scales to be used for weighing young patients to determine the correct levels of medication. Unfortunately the previous scales ‘disappeared’ so the new scales are attached by a cable so these ones can’t ‘walk away’. The Emergency Department has also received a new paediatric IV trolley through the […]

The children from Boulcott Middle School have raised $740.80 and then kindly donated the money to the Tree Hutt. They fundraised by making pencil tins, braided bracelets and special glue. They sold these items around the school and to local families.  As part of a financial literacy unit at school, the teachers thought that it […]